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Retreat and Conference History

Comprehensive List of Events

2018 Mar 24.  Spring Workshop.  Greenway Farm.
   Landscaping for Birds.  Sally Wencel.
2017 Nov 11.  Fall Workshop.  Greenway Farm,
   Happy Cows - Healing Planet - Healthy You.  Marshall Teague.
2017 Mar 25.  Spring Workshop.  Greenway Farm.
   Beautiful and Functional Native Plants to Replace Invasive Exotics.  Sally Wencel
2016 Nov 5.  Fall Workshop.  St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church.
   Perils of Importing Exotics: The American Chestnut Story.  Dr. Hill Craddock.
2016 Apr 9.  Spring Workshop.  St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church.
   Landscaping for Pollinators.  Sally Wencel.
2015 Nov 7.  Fall Retreat.  Greenway Farm.
   Designing with Native Plants.  Scott Drucker.
2015 Mar 21.  Spring Retreat.  Audubon Acres.
   The Health of Our Life-Giving Soil.  Charlene Nash.
2014 Nov 1.  Fall Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   GMOs – I’m Eating What?  Amanda Smith.
2014 Mar 29.  Spring Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Healthy Buildings.  Jay Martin and Sarah Kinnamon.
2013 Nov 2.  Fall Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Healthy Trees in the Home Landscape.  Paul Buchanan.
2013 Mar 16.  Spring Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Green Audits for Households & Houses of Worship.  Carol Landis.
2012 Nov 3.  Fall Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Electric Vehicles.  Bill Reynolds.
2012 Mar 24.  Spring Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Organic Vegetable Gardening.  Alex McGregor.
2011 Nov 5.  Fall Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Tennessee River Gorge Trust.  Jim Brown.
2011 Mar 26.  Spring Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Fundamentals of Gardening.  The Garden Parish of Jamaica.  Paul Buchanan.
2010 Nov 6.  Fall Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Going Solar in Your Homes and Churches.  Alan Roderick and Barrett Taylor.
2010 Mar 20.  TN River Gorge.
   Birds and Being Good Stewards of God’s Creation.  Jerry Wenger.
   The Psychology and Spiritual Value of Birds: A Personal Reflection.  Jim Tucker.
2009 Oct 30-31.  No EarthCare event.  Instead Lee University has a Creation Care Symposium held at Lee.
2009 Mar 21.  Creation Care Spring Forum.  Reflection Riding.
   Growing Native: Learning to Identify Exotic-Invasive Plants and How to Replace Them with Native Species
      Dave Hopkins.
2008 Nov 1.  Fall Retreat.  TN River Gorge (40 attendance).
   The Ecology of Hellbenders in the Cherokee National Forest & Great Smoky Mountains National Park
      Michael Freake.
   TN Interfaith Power and Light and Cool Congregations Program.  Doug Hunt.
2008 Mar 29.  God’s Gift of Water.  Spring Forum.  Chatt. State. 
   Home Water Conservation Tips.  Kim Dalton.
   Protecting and Healing Rivers.  Joyce Wilding.
   Water in the Bible.  John Rossing. 
   What Are Watersheds, and Why Are They Important?  Jerry Faulkner.
2007 Nov 3.  Fall Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Interfaith Power and Light.  Jim Deming.
2007 Mar 24.  Spring Forum.  Chatt. State.
   Is God Green?  Allen Johnson and Mark Flynn.
2006 Nov 4.  Fall Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Practicing a Sense of Place.  David Mahan.
2006.  No Spring Forum.
2005 Nov 5.  Fall Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   The Ecological Economics of Living Who We Are.  Robin Gottfried.
2005 Feb 10-12.  Conference.  Hosted by Covenant College.
   God, Earth, Ethics.  Steven Bouma-Prediger.
2004 Nov 6.  Creation Care Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Household Sustainability.  Olin Ivey.
2004 Mar 27.  Covenant College.
   The Ecological Crisis from a Spiritual Viewpoint.  Woody Bartlett.
   Cleaning Up After Ourselves – The Air.  Discussion on green power and clean electricity that highlighted the
      work of Interfaith Power and Light groups.
2003 Nov 8.  Creation Care Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Informal meeting with nature hike, music, inspirational readings, food. 
2003 Apr 4-5.    Faith, Health & the Environment.  Christian Environmental Stewardship Conference.  
      Chatt. State.  Pre-conference at First Baptist Church*.
   Emerging Environmental Health Issues and Public Health Challenges.  Bonnie Deakins.
   Francis of Assisi and Nature.  Richard Young.
   Health, Creation Care and the Gospel, Continuing the Conversation.  Jim Ball.
   Herbal Interactions with Medications.  Terri Marcus.
   The Commons: A Faithful Approach to the Environment.  *Creation and New Creation: Health and
      Wholeness within Environmental Harmony
.  Olin Ivey.
    Vegetarian Cooking Tips.  Richard Young with Laura Young.
    When Animals Cry.  Tom Baugh.
2002 Nov 2.  Creation Care Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   A Peak at the Book of Nature.  Robin Gottfried.
2002 Apr 12-13.  Faith, Health & the Environment.  Christian Environmental Stewardship Conference.   
      Chatt. State. 
   Back to Nature – A Reasonable Approach to Herbal Nutrition and Supplements.  Terri Marcus.
   Christianity and the Love of Nature: The Historical Legacy.  Christianity and the Love of Nature: The
      Contemporary Imperative
.  Paul Santmire.
   Indigenous Finance and Environmental Projects in the 2/3 World.   Russell Mask.
   Parish Nursing: Enhancing the Unseen Environment.  Barbara Weinhold.
   Strengthening Our Connection between Our Faith and Our Earth.  Stewardship of Our Minds, Bodies,
      Spirits and Emotions
.  Margaret Mitchell with Gary Morton.   
   The History of Air Pollution control in Chattanooga-Hamilton County.  James Holloway.
2001 Nov 3.  Creation Care Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   God’s Other Book (Nature): Is it Speaking to Us?  “Grizzly” Craig Cylke.
2001 Apr 27-28.  All Creatures Great and Small.  Christian Environmental Stewardship Conference. 
      Chatt. State.
   A Christian Response to Animal Experimentation.  Richard Young. 
   An Inclusive Compassion.  Tom Baugh.
   Animal Rights: Contemporary Concern or Ongoing Issue?  God’s Covenant with Animals.  J. Regina Hyland.
   Blessing of the Animals.  Rev. John Rossing. 
   Con-servers of God’s Creation: Human Responsibility to Other Creatures from a Biblical Perspective.  
      Walter Stark.
   Endangered Species Stewardship.  Erik Lindquist.
   The Unconditional Love of Our Pets.  Kevin Ade.
2000 Nov 4.  Creation Care Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Connecting People and Nature.  Ken Voorhis.
2000 Apr 14-15.  Christian Environmental Stewardship Conference.   Chatt. State. 
   Air Quality Issues in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  Jim Renfro.
   Spiritual Paths to Ecological Renewal.  Rand Wentworth.
   Sound Science, Sustainability and Stewardship: Environmental Wisdom for the 21st Century.  Tearing Down
      the Green: The Environmental Backlash and What Is Behind It
.  Richard Wright.
   The Ecolonomic Revolution.  James Catanzaro.
   The Local Church as an EcoCommunity.  Olin Ivey.
   Widening Our Circle of Compassion: Simple Living for Spirit, Earth and Justice.  Simpler Living,
      Compassionate Life
. Michael Schut.
1999 Nov 6.  Creation Care Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   The Greening of Technology.  Tom Baugh.
1999 Apr 16-17.  Christian Environmental Stewardship Conference.  Chatt. State.
   Are Principles of Sustainability Consistent with Christian Beliefs?  James Catanzaro.
   Living Simply: An Exchange of Ideas and Experiences.  The Biblical Worldview as the Foundation for
      Christian Environmental Ethics.
  Dean Ohlman.
   Putting Stewardship Principles into Practice: A Case Study of the Town of Dunn.  A Creation Care
      Celebration.  Science, Ethics and Praxis Putting It All Together
.  Cal DeWitt.
   What Good Is a Salamander? Developing a Christian View of Earth’s Worth.  Ken Voorhis.
   Worshipping the Creator as if Creation Mattered.  Caring for Creation in Your Own Backyard: A
      Sacrament of Seasons
.  Loren Wilkinson with Mary Ruth Wilkinson.
1998 Nov 7.  Creation Care Retreat.  TN River Gorge.
   Celebrating the Wonder of Creation.  Dean Ohlman.
1998 Mar 27-28.  Christian Environmental Stewardship Conference.  Chatt. State.
   Back to the Future: A Biblical Model of Ecological Time.  David Ott.
   Christian Sustainability.  James Catanzaro.
   Creation Stewardship by Lutherans in the South.  Bill Grabill and Dave Erickson.
   Getting to Know the Gift: Intergenerational Activities Sampler.  Julia Gregory.
   God’s Creation and a Sense of Space.  Olin Ivey.
   Howling at the Moon: A Christian Call to Serve the Earth and the Poor.  Living the Good
      Life: Ecological Virtues at the Dawn of the 21st Century
.  Gordon Aeschliman.
   Industry’s Perspective on Pollution and Environmental Compliance.  Howard Elder.
   Our Earthly Habitat.  Albert Isbell.
   Reflections on the Luncheon (Aeschliman’s talk on living the good life).  Michael Crook, moderator.
   The Eastern Cougar: A Shadow.  Craig Cylke.
   The Garden as a Spiritual Place.  Tom Baugh.
   What Southern Baptist Churches Are Doing to Care for the Environment.  Barrett Duke.
   Why Descendents Day?  Charles Howell.
1997 Oct 25.  Creation Care Workshop.  Greenway Farm.
   Why on Earth Should We Care?  What the Bible Says About Caring for Creation.  Stan LeQuire.
1997 Apr 11-12.  Christian Environmental Stewardship Conference.  Chatt. State. 
   A Vision for Chattanooga.  David Crockett.
   Building Internal Stewardship: Why Churches Need Ecoteams.  Sandra Kurtz.
   God, Man, World: Their Relationship.  Ronald Manahan.
   Going Vegetarian.  Laura Young.
   Loving Our Neighbors Across Time.  Charles Howell.
   People and Earth Woven Together by God.  Marcus Keyes.
   Public/Private Partnerships for Creation Care.  Christ as the Second Adam.  Charles Maynard.
   Urban Ministry and Environmental Justice.  Dean Trulear.
   The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis: A Christian Perspective.  Opening the Book of Nature
      Fred Krueger.
   Wholistic Principles Found in Nature.  Chloe Chitwood.
   Why Don’t They Pay Attention to Us? Educating for Simple Living.  Bob Sitze.
   Why Environmental Risks in Our Communities Are More Than Just Another Social Issue.  James Richie.
1996 Apr 19-20.  Christian Environmental Stewardship Conference.  Chatt. State.
   Starting a Church Ministry.  Bill Allen.
   Habitat for Humanity.  David Ewing.
   Principles of Land Ownership for Christians.  Would Jesus Shoot a Trophy Buck?  Dean Ohlman.
   Upper Sand Mtn. Parish: A Creation Care Model.  Dorsey Walker and Carrie Nuoffer.
   Including Creation Care in Worship and Praise.  Doug Baker and Charles Maynard.
   Sustainable Forestry: A Chip Mill Alternative.  Jim Brown with Richard Austin.
   Noah’s Ark: Ethics for the Crowded Spaceship Earth.  Alienated From Our Promised Land.
      Richard Cartwright Austin.
   Simple Living in a Complex World.  Richard Young.
   Hands on Stewardship: Small Group Projects for Churches.  Sandra Kurtz.
   New Frontiers for Bold Churches.  Stan LeQuire.
1995 Apr 21-22.  EarthCare ’95: Exploring Christian Responsibility.  Christian Environmental Stewardship
       Conference. UTC University Center.
   Beyond “Environmentalism”: Recovering a Biblical Doctrine of Creation.  Earthkeeping:
      Dominion as Stewardship
.  Loren Wilkinson.
   Christian Principles of Land Ownership.  Dean Ohlman.
   Ecojustice Workshop.  Steve Bouma-Prediger, Tommy Ashford, Ralph Jelks, Richard Land, and Job Ebenezer.
   Environmental Report from Habitat for Humanity.  David Ewing.
   Land Economics, Ecology, and the Bible.  Robert (Robin) Gottfried.
   Proposal for a Christian Environmental Ethic.  Richard Land.
   Spiritual Roots of Our Environmental Problems: A Biblical Response.  Making Our Churches Creation
      Awareness Centers
.  Calvin DeWitt.
   Sustainable Development, Appropriate Technology, and Biblical Christianity.  Job Ebenezer.

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